One of many issues I’ve began noticing when watching tournaments on the World Padel Tour is that typically a number of the gamers use a double-handed backhand earlier than reverting again to the extra frequent single-handed backhand. That obtained me serious about the distinction between the two alternative ways of taking part in the backhand and if that might assist me enhance as a padel participant.

Double-handed backhands generate extra energy and single-handed backhands permit extra management. You solely use your shoulder to generate energy for a single-handed backhand whereas including a second hand means that you can use your stronger again muscle groups as properly.

Let’s analyze the important thing variations between the 1 handed and a pair of handed backhands with the intention to see when one is perhaps preferable over the opposite.

You Are Allowed To Use A Double Handed Backhand

Not solely is it permitted, however it is usually completely acceptable to play the double-handed backhand in padel.

In truth, you will note a number of the elite skilled gamers on the World Padel Tour utilizing a double-handed backhand on occasion.

Since beginning to play padel I’ve solely used a single-handed backhand, however having struggled with returning companies which are tight towards the facet glass of the courtroom I’ve began working towards a double-handed backhand to try to enhance this weak point in my play.

Double Handed Backhands Assist When You Lack Power

Whenever you play the forehand you’ll be able to use the big muscle teams in your again to create energy. Whereas, if you play the backhand you rely virtually solely in your shoulder muscle groups. Any energy you generate on the backhand comes out of your rear deltoid. For many of us, that is additionally the weakest of our deltoids.

For that reason, many gamers who lack shoulder energy can profit from including a second hand to their backhand. That is very true for younger junior gamers.

Through the use of two palms in your backhand you permit the again muscle groups in your non-dominant facet to help your shoulder muscle groups.

Tennis Gamers Discover It Simpler To Transition Their Double Handed Backhand To Padel

Most tennis gamers use a double-handed backhand and preserving that shot from tennis makes it simpler for them to transition to padel.

I used to play numerous squash in order that made the single-handed backhand simpler for me to make use of once I began taking part in padel.

The Double Handed Backhand Generates Extra Energy

You may generate much more energy when taking part in a double-handed backhand. That is helpful if you need to play a tough shot low over the web that may put your opponents beneath stress. Consider this as your backhand model of your power-forehand.

If you find yourself returning a service that’s tight towards the glass you’ll seemingly not join the ball within the candy spot of your racket. Utilizing a double-handed backhand on this state of affairs means that you can hit with extra energy to compensate for hitting the ball nearer the body of your racket.

One factor to recollect is that the trade-off for getting the additional energy from a double-handed backhand is much less attain. This implies getting your self right into a place nearer to the ball with a view to have management over your shot.

Single-Handed Backhands Enable For Extra Management

Conversely, taking part in a single-handed backhand provides you much more management over the shot-making it an excellent choice for volleys and lobs.

The notable exception on the World Padel Tour is Pablo Lima who performs his backhand lob with each palms.

One other time when a single-handed backhand is a greater thought is it is advisable lunge at full stretch to dam again an tried passing shot.

Padel Requires Much less Energy Than Tennis

As you almost certainly know by now, a padel courtroom is sort of a bit smaller than a tennis courtroom. As well as, once we play padel we stand properly in from the baseline and subsequently a lot nearer to the web than we’d if we had been taking part in tennis.

Because of this taking part in padel wants much less energy to get the ball over the web.

One other issue that makes utilizing energy not as vital is that in padel we will have a ball that has bounced off the again wall and is transferring ahead. On this occasion, much less energy is required to assist the ball alongside its method again throughout the web.

When taking part in a backhand in these conditions that require much less energy, the single-handed backhand will typically be the higher selection. For that reason, nearly all of padel coaches solely train the single-handed backhand in order to not make the training course of too sophisticated, particularly for novices.

The Sorts Of Spin Generated By Single vs Double Handed Backhands

What I’ve observed when attempting to play a double-handed backhand is that my wrists are inclined to roll the racket-face over the ball producing topspin.

Topspin is nice if you need to whip a decent cross-court return of service in the direction of the fence the place the bounce can be unpredictable.

Nevertheless, if you play straight up the courtroom a topspin ball will bounce again additional after connecting the again wall making issues simpler in your opponent.

By comparability, my pure wrist motion when taking part in a single-handed backhand tends to slip my racket-face beneath the ball, placing slice spin on the ball.

Maybe it’s simply unhealthy habits or an absence of wrist flexibility however I’ve all the time discovered it troublesome to create topspin with a single-handed backhand and slice spin with a double-handed backhand.