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Are Padel Balls Fuzzy

I remember the first time I took my friend Brenda down to our local padel court. She was an avid pickleball player and was keen to try something different. She realized how different padel was when I put a bright yellow...

Why Are Padel Balls In A Sealed Container?

I was getting ready for a game of Padel this afternoon. My friend and padel partner Bernard took out a brand new can of tournament-standard padel balls. We all heard that satisfying pop-sound as he pulled the ring to open the...

What Is A Padel Racket?

Our friends Steve and Ann from upstate New York were staying with us last week, happy to escape to some warm winter sunshine. We suggested booking a padel court, saying that we had some spare padel rackets that...

Is Padel Vegan?

I was on a Skype call this morning with a new friend, Mandy, from London. We were discussing possible things for her to do during her trip to Spain in the early spring. As you can likely guess,...

How To Hold A Padel Racket?

Easily the most common question I am asked by each and every prospective padel player that joins me on the court for the first time is, “How do I hold the padel racket? Is it the same as...

What Is A Padel Overgrip?

I was paired up with Kevin for a friendly game of padel at our Saturday evening beginner group. I noticed that he was white-knuckle squeezing his racket. Little wonder that he was complaining of elbow pain with so...

How Do You Know If A Padel Ball Is Good?

Yesterday evening on my way to my game of padel, I picked up a bright yellow padel ball in the dry river bed that runs alongside our village padel court. It even had the World Padel Tour logo...

How To Take Care Of Your Padel Racket?

I have a friend, Jose, and occasional padel partner who always seems to have two padel rackets. One is a cheap racket that he bought years ago, while the other is invariably a shiny new carbon racket. Time...


Can You Reach Over The Net In Padel?

.box-Four-multi-105I began enjoying padel in 2015 and thought that I had a reasonably good grasp of what was allowed and what wasn’t....

How To Serve in Padel