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Padel Tactics: Dealing With Players Who Hit Hard

Each padel participant finally faces a heavy hitter – somebody who hits the ball very exhausting.  Often, it is going to be any individual that has come from a tennis background that's new to padel. The difficulty with...

How To Play The First Volley And Win More Points In Padel

When you’re in a position to hit fairly a great service in padel, you’ll be capable to dominate the purpose if in case you have a great first volley to comply with up your service as you come...

Padel Tactics: Dealing With High Lobs In Padel

The excessive lob is one thing you'll be able to face both outdoors or if the ceiling is excessive sufficient on an inside court docket. Let’s have a look at what your shot choices are. The best shot...

How To Smash To The Fence In Padel

Recently, I've seen extra gamers in World Padel Tour tournaments taking part in the smash to the fence. It seems to be like a extremely good technique to probably win some extent rapidly. What I didn’t understand is...

Padel Tactics: Playing Outside Like This To Win More Points

I first stepped onto a padel court docket in 2015. Since then I've solely performed padel on outdoors courts. In consequence, I've tailored my method of taking part in padel to the sorts of circumstances we get outdoors....

1 or 2 Hands For The Backhand In Padel: The Difference

One of many issues I've began noticing when watching tournaments on the World Padel Tour is that typically a number of the gamers use a double-handed backhand earlier than reverting again to the extra frequent single-handed backhand. That...

Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Padel Racket

Over the lifetime of your padel racket, it's susceptible to choosing up chips or cracks both on the face of the racket or on the racket body. That results in the query of whether or not your racket...

Simple Hacks To Hit Better Lobs In Padel

Padel gamers coming from a tennis background typically wrestle when enjoying the lob in padel. They both hit their lob too lengthy and it goes out or their lob is simply too quick leaving a ball that may...

The Art Of The Dropshot In Padel

So many people try to play our padel photographs with energy and a level of spin too. The thought is to beat your opponent’s response time in order that they can not get to the ball. We are...

How To Play The Kick-Smash Out Of The Court In Padel?

One of many issues that amazed me when began watching skilled padel tournaments was the seemingly loopy facet of the sport the place gamers smash the ball in order that it rebounds over the facet fencing of the...


How To Hold A Padel Racket?

Easily the most common question I am asked by each and every prospective padel player that joins me on the court for the...

What Are Padel Shoes?