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How To Play The 7 Key Types Of Volley In Padel

As you have likely realized, not all volleys in padel are the same. The good news is that when you know the basic fundamentals of the volley, you can adapt those fundamentals to be able to manage most...

Playing Padel Backwards: Using The Back Glass In Your Shots

I remember the first couple of months after I started playing padel there was this one shot that I just couldn’t get right. When I eventually worked out the technique it felt like I had finally shed the...

Moving As A Pair On The Padel Court: Basic Padel Teamwork

Every time I watch one of the matches on the World Padel Tour I am amazed at how easily the players seem to be able to cover the whole court. Yet when I play it feels as if...

What is the difference between Padel and Pickleball

A comparison between Padel and Pickleball is bound to happen. While Padel is by far the fastest growing racket sport in the world, Pickleball is the fastest growing racket sport in the USA. How much of an overlap...

Is Padel Easier Than Tennis

When you have a choice between tennis and padel as a beginner, the choice is usually based on a single simple question. Is padel easier than tennis? Padel is fundamentally an easier sport to learn and play....


Best Padel Grip and Overgrip: Complete Guide

The grip of a padel racket is an important a part of our padel gear for apparent causes. A foul grip could cause...