Like many different padel gamers, I used to be initially a tennis participant. I make no claims at being superb at tennis, however I began in junior college and continued by highschool. I performed social tennis until I used to be about 30. On the danger of giving my age away, I began tennis when wood tennis rackets had been nonetheless a factor. After I began taking part in padel I quickly realized that I couldn’t play it identical to tennis. These are the modifications I wanted to make.

As a tennis participant coming to the sport of padel, resist the urge to hit highly effective topspin photographs as they’ll bounce off the wall and provides your opponents a better shot. As an alternative, play managed photographs and volleys and keep away from making an attempt to play winners on every shot. Invite your opponents to make the errors.

Let’s break down the following tips into element so that you could simply convert your tennis expertise onto the padel courtroom.

1. Study To Play Off The Partitions As Quickly As Potential When Beginning Padel

At first look, this may appear apparent however hear me out. After I first began taking part in padel I struggled with the best way the ball bounced off the partitions.

At first, when a ball went previous me I’d assume I’d misplaced the purpose as I’d in tennis solely to see the ball bounce again into what can be a playable place if I had taken just a few steps again.

The subsequent mistake I made was operating too far again on the courtroom chasing a ball that had gone previous me. The ball would then bounce off the wall and go previous me a second time in the wrong way.

I additionally performed squash in highschool in addition to for a few years after highschool and that helped me cope with the ball bouncing off partitions as soon as I obtained accustomed to how far the ball would bounce off the partitions.

The way in which that you just enhance the power to play off the partitions of the courtroom is by constructing confidence.

A common rule of thumb that you would be able to apply while you first attempt padel is to permit practically all balls that bounce behind the service line to first bounce off the wall earlier than taking part in them. You’ll discover two issues throughout your first video games of padel while you do that. The primary is that you’re going to get a way of how far ahead from the wall the ball will bounce. The second factor that you’ll discover is the additional time it provides you to get into place in your shot.

I admit that you just may lose just a few factors at the start by doing this, however that sacrifice might be balanced by a speedy enchancment in your padel.

2. Neglect About Your Energy Pictures When Taking part in Padel

After I began taking part in padel I mistakenly assumed that I ought to play my photographs with the same quantity of energy to these I had performed in tennis.

The primary motive why this didn’t work is that the padel courtroom is smaller than a tennis courtroom. Due to this fact by taking part in my photographs with an equal quantity of energy I used to be hitting extra balls out than I used to be getting in.

As soon as I had dialed again my energy to a degree I used to be preserving the ball in play I observed the second and third issues. After I hit the ball laborious it might bounce again farther from the wall. This allowed my opponents to maneuver in nearer to the web earlier than that they had even performed their shot. So, as a substitute of gaining the benefit of the web place for my companion and me, I used to be gifting it to my opponents.

The ultimate drawback that hitting the ball laborious created for me was the topspin. In tennis, we’re taught to hit the ball laborious and with topspin. After I took my topspin to the padel courtroom, that topspin was an obstacle.

My topspin brought on the ball to kick up into the air when it bounced off the wall. So, not solely was my highly effective shot rebounding removed from the wall, however my topspin was making the ball kick increased into the air, giving my opponents a pleasant smooth ball at peak to play with actual precision.

The answer is to ease again on the ability in order that the ball has much less rebound off the wall. In tennis, you wanted the ability to get the ball previous your opponent for a winner. That technique doesn’t work in padel.

three. Focus On Taking part in Your Padel Pictures With Extra Management

This tip follows on from what we have now simply been discussing. What it’s best to moderately do as a substitute of utilizing your energy and topspin, is play photographs with a flatter racket and use extra management in the best way you play.

The second I began doing this my success charge with my padel photographs improved. As I discussed, padel is performed on a smaller courtroom so I needed to be extra wise and strategic in my shot choice.

As an alternative of simply hitting the ball, I attempt to place the ball in difficult-to-reach spots on the courtroom till there’s some form of error from my opponents.

Four. Transfer On The Courtroom As A Pair With Your Padel Associate

Strategic courtroom place is one thing else that could be very totally different between padel and tennis. I can keep in mind from my tennis taking part in days that after I performed doubles one in every of us would cowl the web whereas the opposite would cowl the baseline. That’s how we might play more often than not. Positive, by taking part in like that we might have massive areas of the courtroom that we didn’t cowl, however as a result of the courtroom was greater it gave us the extra time we wanted to get to most balls.

As a result of the padel courtroom is smaller, I quickly found that I didn’t have the time to achieve the ball when it was performed down the open diagonal that was left open after I was on the again, on the left, whereas my companion was on the entrance, on the appropriate.

After dropping a fair proportion of factors with that misguided technique, I discovered that in padel we transfer collectively as a pair with our companion.

My companion and I’d both each be on the again or each be on the web. We’d transfer ahead or backward collectively in order that we may make sure that the dreaded diagonal hole wouldn’t be there for our opponents to make use of.

The Sanchez Alayeto twins moved from the WTA tennis tour as doubles companions to be a profitable pair on the World Padel Tour.

As well as, my companion and I transfer aspect to aspect on the courtroom as a unit.

As an illustration, if we’re each on the web and I play a volley into the nook on my aspect of the courtroom, I’ll transfer towards the sideline to cowl a shot which may come again tight towards the road. Concurrently I transfer throughout to cowl my line, my companion will come throughout to cowl a shot which may come again within the middle. That approach we will remove gaps as a lot as potential.

5. Attempt To Not Hit Outright Winners When Taking part in Padel As A Tennis Participant

This last tip for tennis gamers that need to attempt a sport of padel truly combines components of what we have now already mentioned into one thing sensible that you would be able to apply the subsequent time you step onto a padel courtroom.

If you’re behind the courtroom and your opponents are on the web, both play your shot rigorously to bounce according to your opponents’ ft or lob the ball over their heads. In each circumstances, your goal is to push them again from the web so that you just and your companion can transfer as much as the web.

When you and your companion have been in a position to occupy the web place, proceed with managed volleys into the corners, or in case your opponents are again within the corners then a managed volley down the middle will work too.

In case your opponents play a weak lob, resist the urge to play a really aggressive, highly effective smash and as a substitute play a managed smash that you would be able to goal right into a nook or into an area between your opponents.

What I discover works very well if I goal my managed smash into the nook is to goal in order that the ball impacts the aspect wall earlier than the again wall. If my opponents start to anticipate that then I’ll change my shot into the nook to influence the again wall earlier than the sidewall.

As tempting as will probably be to make use of your tennis-style energy photographs, resist that temptation and use managed photographs to push your opponents out of place and pressure the error from them.