I was on a Skype call this morning with a new friend, Mandy, from London. We were discussing possible things for her to do during her trip to Spain in the early spring. As you can likely guess, I suggested that she give padel a try. Mandy’s response was that as a strict vegan she needed to know whether padel was vegan

Is Padel Vegan? The good news for all vegans looking for an ethical sport is that the game of padel is fully vegan. No animal products are used in the manufacture of the courts, nets, rackets, balls, shoes or clothing. That in no way prevents non-vegans from playing padel too. Padel is a game for everyone.

Each aspect of the game padel has its own list of ingredients so to speak. Looking at each in detail is how we can confirm that the game of padel is indeed vegan. That is what we shall be doing now.

Padel Has What It Takes To Be A Vegan Sport

In order for the sport of padel to clam the title of being fully vegan the court, equipment and apparel associated with the sport should be available completely free of animal products.

The good news is that padel courts are made from vegan materials. What’s more all of the equipment, footwear, and clothing are by default made from as cruelty-free vegan materials.

The Court

The court surface is fully synthetic AstroTurf. The plate-glass walls and steel mesh that make up the boundaries of a padel court are also all free of animal products. Therefore a padel court is fully vegan.

The Net

The net is made from nylon cord, and therefore free of any animal products.

Padel Rackets

Padel rackets have a core made from synthetic EVA foam, covered with either fiberglass or carbon fiber. The handle/grip is also synthetic. This makes the entire padel racket a vegan product.

Padel Balls

Padel balls are made from synthetic rubber. The fuzzy outer layer of the padel ball is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. For those who are concerned about plastic waste caused by discarded old padel balls then investing in a re-inflation pressure-tube will increase the lifespan of padel balls more than ten times.

I have done a comparison of the different re-inflation tubes that are available. You can read what I have to say about them in more detail by following this link to the article right here on World Padel Insider.

Padel Shoes

Padel shoes just like with most other performance sports sneakers on the market are made from 100% synthetic materials and therefore are completely vegan.

Padel Clothing

Padel clothing is made from the same moisture-wicking, synthetic, technical fabric as most running and tennis apparel.