I keep in mind after I first discovered the best way to play the bandeja in padel. I used to be satisfied that I used to be on the cusp of profitable many extra factors with my new semi-secret weapon. The reality was that my bandeja was filled with errors that resulted in additional unforced errors than gained factors. In truth, my opponents would intentionally give me bandejas to play because it appeared to be a weak spot in my sport.

These are the most typical errors when enjoying the bandeja in padel:

  • Taking part in a bandeja with an elbow that’s too low
  • Dropping the racket head on the bandeja backswing
  • Taking part in your bandeja too arduous
  • Taking part in a bandeja with a racket head too open
  • Taking part in a bandeja with a backswing that’s too massive
  • Having a stance that’s too broad
  • Getting the racket into place too late
  • Hitting the ball too late
  • Hitting the ball too low

It was solely after I began eliminating the most typical errors from my bandeja that I began to scale back my unforced errors and really begin profitable extra factors. Let’s have a look at these frequent errors so that you simply don’t must find out about them through trial and error.

Error: Taking part in A Bandeja With An Elbow That Is Too Low

In the event you play your bandeja from a begin place the place your elbow is low it’s nearly not possible to generate any slice-spin with out hitting the ball up into the air. Hitting the ball up into the air provides your opponent a a lot simpler ball to return.

While you begin along with your elbow no less than at shoulder peak you’ll be able to play your racket head from excessive to low by the ball and generate slice-spin whereas nonetheless enjoying the ball downwards. If you find yourself hitting the ball downwards you’ll be able to play the ball loads deeper with out the chance of hitting the ball out/lengthy.

Error: Dropping The Racket Head On The Bandeja Backswing

This can be a quite common error for individuals who come from a tennis background. While you play a tennis smash or tennis serve you’ll drop the racket head decrease than your wrist. That is in an effort to generate the topspin that you simply want for tennis photographs.

The difficulty with prime spin in padel is it causes the ball to bounce up excessive off the glass, making it simpler to return.

So, make the beginning place of your racket with the racket head larger than your wrist in an effort to play down by the ball with the slice spin that can preserve the ball low after the bounce.

Error: Taking part in Your Bandeja Too Laborious

The bandeja isn’t an influence smash or a kick smash. The bandeja is a defensive shot. In the event you play your bandeja too arduous the ball will rebound additional off the glass and make it simpler on your opponent to return.

In the event you play your bandeja softer, the ball will drop down off the again glass making it far more tough on your opponent.

Error: Taking part in A Bandeja With A Racket Head Too Open

That is one thing that I see usually and used to do myself. With the intention to try to generate slice-spin, I might play the shot with such an open racket head that the racket face could be nearly pointing up on the sky.

This makes it nearly not possible to manage the course of the ball and simply plops the ball up and over the online, able to be punished by your opponent.

Error: Taking part in A Bandeja With A Backswing That Is Too Huge

When your backswing is just too massive you should have extra racket head pace by the purpose of contact with the ball and you’ll find yourself enjoying your bandeja too arduous, making it much less efficient.

Additionally, in case your backswing is massive it will likely be far more tough to manage the slice spin. A wonderful drill to path brief backswing photographs just like the bandeja and the vibora is to face near the again glass in order that the again glass is in the way in which and prevents you from utilizing an even bigger backswing.

Error: Having A Stance That Is Too Extensive

When your stance is just too broad it’s not possible to make the little micro-adjustments to get your physique into the proper place to play your bandeja.

Many newbie gamers who stand with a large stance will keep going through instantly up the courtroom relatively than pivoting sideways in order that your non-racket shoulder factors within the course you need the ball to go once you play the bandeja.

While you eradicate this broad and flat stance out of your sport you’ll enhance your entire padel photographs. A coach as soon as stated one thing to me that made it stick in my thoughts. He stated that we’re padel gamers, not sumo wrestlers.

Error: Getting The Racket Into Place Too Late

If you find yourself too sluggish in getting your racket into the place you’ll find yourself dashing your bandeja and shedding all management over the pace, spin, and course of your shot. The second your opponent has hit the ball you have to begin to put together the way you need to play.

Get each your physique and racket into place to play your shot earlier than the ball will get to you. If you’re enjoying rushed, out-of-control photographs the possibilities of having unforced errors will increase exponentially.

Error: Hitting The Ball Too Late

If you’re hitting the ball late your contact level can be someplace between the place of your ft. This makes your bandeja far more tough.

You may even hit your self within the ribs in your observe by as a result of your weight can be in your again foot.

You need your contact level to be forward of your entrance shoulder in an effort to step ahead in your observe by.

Error: Hitting The Ball Too Low

Many freshmen assume that you have to play the bandeja from nostril or chin peak. While you do that your bandeja can be flatter making it a riskier shot each by way of the online and hitting the ball out.

In the event you join the ball consistent with the highest of your head or larger you’ll be able to angle your bandeja down but nonetheless simply clear the online. In the event you can join your bandeja excessive sufficient you even have the choice to play your bandeja right down to the fence, making it much more tough on your opponent.

Subsequent time you watch the professionals play on the World Padel Tour, discover how they usually soar into the air when enjoying a bandeja in order that they’ll play the shot from as excessive as potential. I’m not saying that leaping for a bandeja is one thing that try to be doing earlier than your padel stage is superior sufficient. It’s merely for instance the benefit of enjoying your bandeja from as excessive as potential.

Now that you understand the most typical errors that occur within the bandeja it is possible for you to to eradicate them out of your sport and win extra factors.