There’s one kind of volley in padel that not solely is comparatively low danger, it’s also very efficient for profitable factors shortly. The shot I’m referring to is the volley right down to the fence.

How you can enhance your padel volley success? Whether or not you play the drop volley or a extra aggressive volley, incorporate the fence in your shot placement to greater than double your probabilities of success. First, drive your opponents to the again glass with aggressive play so that you’ve got the house to play the angles you want.

Let’s focus on the volley to the fence. It is likely one of the best volleys in padel.

There are two occasions that you’d usually hit a ball in a approach to get the fence concerned.

The primary of those is should you hit a drop shot the place the ball will bounce softly after which the second bounce will both be the place the fence contacts the bottom, or close to the underside of the fence. This can drive your opponent right into a cut up choice between two disagreeable pictures.

The second time you hit the ball to get the fence concerned is if you play an aggressive shot right down to the fence with a little bit of slice hoping that the fence goes to react and drive the ball right down to make it very troublesome to your opponent.

The Drop Volley To The Fence

Whenever you play the drop volley and also you’re enjoying it in direction of the fence most of the time it gained’t be from a shot that comes down the middle of the court docket.

So for instance, if I’m on the backhand facet of the court docket I may play the quick drop volley right down to the fence with both my forehand or backhand.

If the ball comes down the middle to my forehand I may play the quick volley right down to both fence. Taking part in it to my backhand facet of the court docket is the extra dangerous possibility as a result of shifting throughout to play the forehand volley has opened up an enormous hole down the road if my opponent can get to the ball.

The strategically safer drop volley to the fence could be to push the ball cross-court to the other fence.

Taking part in a drop volley right down to the fence is simpler than the drop shot within the heart of the court docket. When enjoying a drop volley down the middle it’s essential be additional delicate together with your shot and hit a great deal of spin on the ball or else it can carry too far and provides your opponents a simple ball to play.

When enjoying to the fence you possibly can simply block the ball and provides your self slightly bit extra margin for error. It’s nonetheless okay if the ball comes up slightly increased and carries additional as a result of the unpredictable angles coming off the fence nonetheless make it efficient.

Usually, I gained’t hit the drop volley to the fence on my first volley. I’ll try to block some volleys deep into the corners or at my opponents’ toes to try to drive them additional again on the court docket earlier than enjoying the drop volley to the fence.

The Aggressive Volley To Fence

That is nearly at all times performed from the skin of the court docket versus the drop that’s performed from the middle. I normally play on the backhand facet of the court docket, so that is the type of shot I play as a backhand volley.

That is when the ball comes on the skin of the court docket and also you’re going to be aggressive and alter path and play the angle right down to the far fence. The rationale for that’s that you’ll be able to get across the outdoors of the ball and discover an angle with far much less margin for error than if I used to be looking for that very same angle from the middle.

Taking part in aggressively to the fence from the middle doesn’t work because the ball will likely be going extra down than flat and due to this fact bounces up increased, making it simpler to return. Another excuse that it doesn’t work properly is that enjoying aggressively right down to the fence from the middle signifies that I’ve approach much less house to goal for.

So, as a backhand court docket participant, I’ll play the backhand slice aggressively into the far fence. Conversely, should you play on the forehand facet then clearly you’ll do the forehand volley aggressively crosscourt to the far fence.

Do Not Use This As A Defensive Play

You’ll want to play this on a comparatively straightforward or impartial ball.

You don’t need to play this on a troublesome ball as a result of meaning you have got modified path and in case your shot shouldn’t be aggressive sufficient you’ll have left a large hole down the middle and your companion can have an enormous space of the court docket to defend when you are out of place.

It isn’t a good suggestion to play the volley to the fence instantly at first of the purpose. You’ll want to create the angle and provides your self house to have the ability to hit the shot to the fence.

Most frequently it’s solely performed as soon as the purpose has labored and the opponents are compelled extra to the again leaving house on the entrance of the court docket.

Much less Power And Extra Accuracy For Success

You don’t have to hit a extremely quick aggressive angle, it’s higher if you simply play precisely when there’s house.

One thing to pay attention to is that should you do hit the ball right down to the fence, more often than not it can put your opponent beneath stress. Nonetheless, there will likely be occasions the place the ball will pop up and they’re going to have a neater ball.

Meaning not solely should you be very selective about if you play the shot, however you have to just be sure you and your companion are in a great place for that subsequent ball.

Once more the technique stays that the purpose must develop so your opponents get compelled to the again glass. That then creates the chance for the angled volley. Bear in mind, it’s not a vastly dangerous volley it’s simply down so the second bounce is by the fence.

You and your companion then get in a great place so that each one potential angles of return are lined. Even when your opponent returns a great shot they are going to be performed out of place, supplying you with and your companion ample house to use stress whereas nonetheless sustaining the online place.