Having performed padel at sea degree, at 1000ft, and at 2500ft I used to be shocked that didn’t have an effect on the ball as a lot as I used to be anticipating it to. That lead me to surprise what fuel crammed the padel balls to maintain the bounce so constant throughout the totally different altitudes. The reply shocked me.

Prime-quality padel balls are crammed with nitrogen to between 10 and 11 psi. The rubber linings of padel balls are extra impervious to the dimensions of nitrogen fuel molecules than compressed air, due to this fact holding stress for longer. Low cost balls are crammed with compressed air however lose stress shortly.

Let’s unpack why event normal padel balls carry out higher and last more than low cost padel balls.

What Gasoline Fills Padel Balls?

Who knew that padel balls are crammed with 10-11 psi of nitrogen? Contained in the ball is a rubber lining to assist hold the fuel inside whereas additionally making them bounce effectively on laborious surfaces like asphalt, concrete, and the glass wall.

There’s one thing else you may not have identified: padel balls are available in each pressurized air and nitrogen fuel. There’s one vital distinction between these two varieties – those with pressurized air will depreciate extra shortly than those crammed with nitrogen.

When selecting one among these, all of it boils down to non-public choice and the way a lot you need to spend on a can of balls.

How Lengthy Do Padel Balls Keep Pressurized

Padel ball cans have a pressurized seal that gained’t let the air out till you crack them open. As soon as opened, they’ll final round 5 matches or three weeks. Different elements come into play as effectively: chilly climate, court docket floor, model, and the way laborious the gamers hit.

To verify your padel balls final a very long time in storage (in an unopened can), put them contained in the fridge – this slows down air leakage, which implies much less stress leaking out of the can and balls.

Why Are Padel Balls Pressurized?

Padel balls are pressurized for extra causes than you’ll assume. The stress offers the balls a greater bounce, brand-new really feel, longer lifetime, and higher efficiency. They’ve an total superior high quality to unpressurized balls.

Unpressurized padel balls price much less, however they gained’t final so long as their pressurized counterparts – which is why they’re solely appropriate for use by novices or working towards gamers earlier than matches or tournaments start.

As soon as the precise video games begin, it’s time to make use of the better-quality, higher-performance pressurized balls.

Are Padel Balls Totally different Than Tennis Balls?

Many individuals might confuse a tennis ball with a padel ball, as they give the impression of being about the identical; nonetheless, there are a number of variations between the 2:

  • Tennis balls are pressurized at round 14 psi, whereas padel balls are pressurized at about 10-11 psi.
  • The surface of a tennis ball will not be as tough on the floor as a padel ball.
  • Padel balls don’t bounce as excessive as tennis balls.

Regardless of all of the variations, it could actually nonetheless be troublesome to inform one ball from the opposite; nonetheless, that’s the place the distinction of four psi comes into play. It implies that much less stress makes padel balls smaller than tennis balls and is a straightforward approach to distinguish between them.

Can You Use Tennis Balls For Padel?

One of the simplest ways to make sure success when enjoying padel is to make use of a ball that has been designed particularly for the sport. Tennis balls are simply too totally different from padel balls, and so they make it troublesome for you or your opponents to play padel.

The excessive bounce of tennis balls will throw off an skilled padel participant’s timing. The ball will bounce increased than anticipated, and it’ll go farther and tougher than a padel ball. Hitting the ball off the glass can be much more difficult.

Even novices and inexperienced gamers ought to solely use padel balls to play padel, as utilizing the flawed ball might throw your sport off later.