After I first began enjoying padel there was a selected sort of shot that I struggled to determine how you can play. My opponents would play a excessive lob over my head that bounced close to the again glass after which bounced up excessive off the glass staying inside just a few ft of the glass.

Watching the professionals play, they appear to provide an attacking shot out of nowhere. I heard the commentator use the phrase Bajada so I set about studying what I might about this spectacular-looking shot.

The phrase bajada means descent or drop and in padel it refers back to the arduous, attacking shot that’s performed from excessive towards the again glass and travels downward over the web, aiming to bounce in step with the ft of your opponents. The low, fast-moving ball will probably be tough on your opponents to regulate.

Let’s unpack the small print of how the bajada shot works so as to add it to your recreation.

What Precisely Is The Bajada In Padel

The bajada in padel is a shot performed from close to the again glass after the ball has rebounded off the glass. Most bajadas are performed above head peak and are related in nature to a conventional tennis service. It is usually attainable to play a bajada from head peak however that you must have the house to contact the ball with a comparatively straight arm so as to generate sufficient racket head velocity.

Your bajada will journey in a downward route to bounce someplace close to the service line. On a padel court docket, this may imply that the ball will bounce close to to stage along with your opponents’ ft.

The bajada is an attacking shot that may pressure your opponents to both dash ahead to attempt to block the ball earlier than it bounces or to attempt to get into place to cope with a fast-moving rebound off the again glass.

It Is Essential To Be taught The Bajada As a result of You Can Use It Typically

The bajada is among the few attacking choices that you’ve got at your disposal in case your opponents play an excellent lob over your head that forces you to retreat out of your dominant internet place to the again of the court docket.

Enjoying on the internet is a strategically robust place to carry on a padel court docket. In consequence, your opponents will attempt to lob usually to attempt to drive you away from the web.

As a result of you’ll face many lobs throughout a recreation of padel, studying to play the bajada is significant on your total enchancment as a padel participant.

Utilizing Your Extra Dominant Shot When Studying The Bajada In Padel

Though it’s bodily attainable to play the bajada on each the forehand and the backhand like we see the professionals do, it’s higher to make use of your extra dominant shot when studying the bajada. For me, and possibly most of you as properly, that’s my forehand. The reason being that that you must play with each energy and management to get the ball to go down, journey quick, but nonetheless clear the web.

Play The Bajada From Behind The Ball And Use Ahead Momentum

The best method to hit a tough, attacking bajada is when you may be behind the ball on the level of contact. That approach you’ll be able to hit the ball barely in entrance of you along with your weight over your entrance foot.

By utilizing this highly effective stance whereas enjoying your bajada will imply that your physique can have ahead momentum through the follow-through after enjoying the shot.

You should use this ahead momentum to take just a few steps after enjoying the shot and get again into your prepared place in case your opponents are in a position to block the ball again shortly.

Cut back Threat In Your Bajada By Enjoying Down The Middle Or Open Angle

Let me begin by explaining what I imply by an open-angle versus a closed-angle.

If you find yourself enjoying a forehand shot try to be standing side-on along with your non-dominant shoulder pointing at the place you propose to hit the ball. You play a closed-angle when the ball goes behind the road the place your shoulder is pointing, barely behind you. An open angle is ahead of that line.

It’s attainable to play a bajada with a closed angle and it’s a shot we regularly see utilized by professionals on the World Padel Tour. The reality is that it’s far more tough to play a bajada with a closed angle and your possibilities of making an error are a lot increased.

So, whenever you first begin studying to play the bajada, use the open-angle or straight down the middle.

See a number of bajadas in motion in level three and level 1 of this clip from the Swedish Open 2021

By this, I imply that in case you are right-handed and you might be enjoying from the left aspect of the court docket then your finest choices for a lower-risk bajada will probably be to minimize the middle or cross-court to the suitable. Enjoying down the road on the left will probably be harder and therefore riskier.

Alternatively, in case you are right-handed and you might be enjoying from the suitable aspect of the court docket then your higher choices will probably be to play your bajada down the middle or down the road on the suitable. This time it is going to be the cross-court shot to the left that may have the closed-angle and be riskier.

Conversely, every thing will probably be reversed for left-handed gamers.

In each cases enjoying down the middle is the frequent possibility and is the choice you see essentially the most usually in tournaments as it’s the most low-risk.

Padel Tactic: Use The Bajada To Lure Your Opponents Ahead

In relation to defending towards a bajada the simplest possibility is to play the ball on the volley, blocking it again from as near the web as attainable. If you begin to use the bajada frequently there’s a intelligent tactic that you may make use of that may provide help to win extra factors.

As you play extra bajadas you’ll start to note your opponents start to hurry ahead to be near the web even earlier than you’ve got hit the ball. This leaves a really massive hole behind your opponents so that you can exploit with a well-placed lob.

As a result of your opponents are dashing on the internet their momentum is ahead. This makes it harder for them to get again in time to be in an excellent place to cope with your lob. It additionally provides you the prospect to regain your internet place.

Padel Communication: Pay attention To Your Accomplice Whereas Making ready Your Bajada

To get essentially the most out of your bajada it’s important that you just and your companion have clear communication.

When you are moving into place to play your bajada your full consideration will probably be on the ball, appropriately. That is the place communication out of your padel companion turns into vital. Your companion must be telling you the place your opponents are on the court docket. Are they each staying again or are each or considered one of them dashing to the web. If just one is dashing in, which one.

Understanding how your opponents are transferring on the court docket behind your again will help you plan the place you’ll hit your bajada to make the most of any areas that your opponents might have left open.

Now that you’ve got a transparent thought of how you can play a bajada you can begin training and implementing the shot to win extra factors.